Keiichi Maebara (k1_sauce) wrote,
Keiichi Maebara

Chapter Fifty-Three

[ Phone | Public || Action | House ]

[ Keiichi was here a year ago. He was here for Mother's Day just a month ago. As a result, it did not take much for him to conclude what would be happening today. Being a true man of honor and dignity, he knew he was being presented a responsibility and a duty that he had no choice but to accept.

So, to fulfill this duty, he picked up the phone to contact all those afflicted all at once with these simple words:


[ Action | Neutron Diner ]

[ To continue his responsibility as a noble hero, Keiichi moved later on to the Neutron Diner. With the doors and windows open to allow his voice to carry into the streets, he stood upon the counter, stance firm. ]

Ladies and--well. Other ladies!

Listen closely! Today is a day that that occurs only once-a-year and not even in every nation. However, just as there had been a day for us men to show our appreciation for ladies the worlds and universes over, today is the day for the opposite! The opportunity to return the favor and the love!

Come close and listen! Wear your cutest clothes! Your sexiest outfits! Come forth and feed us sweets. I'm feeling pretty hungry myself, so don't wait up!


[ He knows he's playing with fire, but HEY this is too great to pass up. ]
Tags: !action, !location: home, !location: neutron diner, !phone, for justice
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